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are completed. japan's chief cabinet secretary says the government understands the decision taken by prosecutors. the government received a report from the naha district public prosecutors office that the decision was in line with japan's criminal laws. >> he said prime minister naoto kan was informed of the decision through his secretaries and that china was informed through diplomatic channels after the prosecutors announced the decision. sengoku said the standoff threatened to harm ties between the two countries. he called for a renewal for efforts to improve mr. strategic and beneficially bilateral relations. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson says china will send a chartered plane to get the captain. >>> on secptember 7 japanese trauler collided. the japan coast guard officers have potted the fishermen spreading the fishing net and warned them to stop but they rammed into the patrol boats as they attempted to escape. the crew of the chinese boat was released but the captain was arrested on suspicion of attempting to obstruct an on-board inspection. on sunday, a local court ruled that h
and be be many european countries will be at the meeting and he thinks japan should be represented. >>> kan would meet leaders through bilateral talks on the sidelines of the two-day meeting starting monday. he would explain that there is no territorial dispute over the senkaku islands. chinese premier, wen jiabao is also scheduled to attend the meeting. but the japanese government thinks bilateral talks with china would not be possible. china reacted strongly to the maritime collision, even after japan leased allhe crew meers. japan's cabinet, chief cabinet secretary, yoshito sengoku, says japan has confirmed the presence of two chinese fishery patrol boats in waters near the senkaku islands since last friday. yoshito sengoku is demanding that the boats leave the area. yoshito sengoku told reporters on monday that the ships were spotted near japan's territorial waters in the east china sea. he said six japan coast guard boats have been kiss patched to the area, to insure that the chinese ships do not enter japanese waters. >> translator: we've already warned china four times to stop taking such
'm catherine kobayashi with your updates. >>> the japan coast guard has arrested the captain of a chinese fishing boat on suspicion of attempting to obstruct an inspection i japanese territorial waters. the 41-year-old chinese captain was arrested early on wednesday morning after his trawler collided with a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands off the east china sea tuesday. coast guard officials say the trawler was operating in japanese waters. they also say the fishing boat ignored a warning to stop and collided with the two patrol ships as it fled. the fishing boat eventually stopped outside japanese waters and coast guard officials boarded the trawler to question its crew. the officialsoncluded that the captain intentionally rammed his boat into e of the patrol ships to obstruct the inspection. chinese fishing boats are frequently seen in japan's exclusive economic zone near the islands, and the coast guard repeatedly calls on them to halt operations. the senkaku islands are also claimed by china and taiwan. >>> now responding to the ship collision, the japanese foreign minist
of japan will vote for a new party president on tuesday. the race is a close contest between former party secretary-general icihro o zau ozawa and naoto kan. >>> they started their campaigns on september 1st. it has been a tough competition. during the campaign, ozawa stressed he has the leadership to implement the needed policies. >> translator: i'll work hard until the last moment. >> reporter: kan said the party had to do away with old-style money politics and become more transparent. >> translator: i'll do my best to convey my ideas at the party convention. >> reporter: all of the ballots will be added up based on a points system. each of the lawmakers has two points, making for a total of 822. 100 points are set asided for local assembly members. rank and file members and supporters account for 300 points. the ballots of local assembly members and supporters have already been received and were being counted on tuesday morning. kan is thought to have more support from local assembly members, party members and supporters. but the race among lawmakers is too close to call. >>> thanks ve
the debate over capital punishment in japan? >> there are more country that have abolished capital punishment or suspended it than countries that practice it. so, japan is in the minority because it enforces the death penalty. the japanese justice minister, who personally opposed capital punishment, allowed the media to film an execution facility in tokyo last month. the minister said she hopes the opening of the chamber will encourage deeper debate on the death penalty. a survey in may indicated that 76% of respondents were in favor of capital punishment. many cited the rights of victims and believed families. they also said that some crimes should be punishable by death. such measures, however, must be taken to prevent false convictions. if japan is to maintain this penalty, unlike the case which took place many years ago, the postal fraud case occurred just last year. >> right. >> under japan's new system, japanese citizens randomly chosen as lay judges may have to decide whether or not to sentence people guilty of murder or other heinous crimes to death. that makes it all the more importa
in the north. in order to get economic cooperation from japan the north has to first solve the abduction issue. there is no sign of starting bilateral talks with japan. attention is now focused on how kim jong-il will handle ploe diplomacy with his son who has little international experience. >> we'll keep you updateded on how the story develops. thanks very much for joining us how the story delops. thanks very much for joining ow the story develops. thanks very much for joining us. >>> in other news the governor of okinawa says he'll call for a review of a u.s./japan agreement to relocate an american military base within his prefecture. he wants futenma air station to be moved out of okinawa entirely. he spoke on tuesday at an assembly in okinawa. as it stands the futenma base is supposed to be moved to nago. the governor pointed out he has repeatedly said the u.s./japan agreement is very regrettable and that it would be very hard to accept the current relocation plan. >> opposition to the futenma relocation is getting stronger in okinawa. after an assembly election in nago city the majority
have ramped up operations while the government focuses on flood relief work. >>> the japan coast guard has arrested the captain of a chinese fishing boat on suspicion of attempting to obstruct an inspection in japanese territorial waters. the 41-year-old chinese captain was arrested early on wednesday morning after his trawler collided with a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands in the east china sea on tuesday. coast guard officials say the trawler was operating in japanese waters. they also say the fishing boat ignored a warning to stop and collided with the two patrol ships as it fled. the fishing boat eventually stopped outside japanese waters and coast guard officials boarded the trawler to question its crew. the officials concluded that the captain intentionally rammed his boat into one of the patrol ships to obstruct the inspection. chinese fishing boats are frequently seen in japan's exclusive economic zone near the islands and the coast guard repeatedly calls on them to halt operations. the senkaku islands are also claimed by china and taiwan. the japanese foreign mini
held islands north of japan. the provincial authorities told nhk that medvedev could arrive on the islands as early as wednesday. it would be the first ever visit to the disputed islands by a russian or former soviet leader. sources in moscow familiar with japan/russia relations say there is no information to medvedev's plan. the president is currently visiting china of on monday, medvedev and president hu jintao issued a statement over their country's victory over japan. in july, they designated september 2nd as the end of world war ii. it was on that date japan signed a surround document in 1945. medvedev's visit will be seen as reinforcing russia's position that the islands became russian territory as a result of world war ii. >>> a senior u.s. diplomat has praised japan's prime minister, naoto kan, over a handling over the recent chinese dispute over the senkako islands. >> mr. kan has dealt with this issue in a very statesman-like fashion. >> u.s. assistant secretary of state campbell made the statement in new york on monday. he said it shows the system of following a d
poverty by lfn developing countries by 2015. on the subject of japan/u.s. relations, the prime minister said he hopes to discuss ideas with president obama on how to deepen the alliance. >>> china is stepping up its protests over japan's detention of a fishing boat captain earlier this month.neworon tues, the chinese premiere demanded the captain's immediate release criticizing japan for what he ca the fisherman was arreste after he rammed his trawler into ja vessels in the east china sea. it happened off the senkaku islands which are a part of okinawa an are claimed by china and taiwan. chinese premier wen jiabao renewed th t skipper's release when he met with chinese students studying in the united states.cha' state agency quoted him as saying they are his nation's territory. the arrest has anger cne . he vowed that china would take further action if japan does not comply with its demand. this is the first time that the chinesere h commented onhe incident. china has canceled top level talks with japan that were t kelan the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly in new york. japan's ch
chips is up 0.7%. and in shenzhen the sse composite is up 0.6%. >>> the bank of japan will offer low-interest loans for a year to financial institutions starting next week. it's part of a new scheme to boost the economy. the central bank will provide loans with an annual interest rate of .1%. 47 private banks will borrow a total of about $5.5 billion. the fund will finance 1,342 projects. the boj says $1.3 billion will be loaned to environment and energy companies. regional businesses will get $1.1 billion. $657 million will be spent on construction and another $650 million for medical and nursing care services. the central bank plans to provide $35.5 billion in bank loans by june 2012 to spur economic growth. >>> japan's suzuki motor is feeling the pinch from the surging yen. the car maker has dropped plans to build a domestic industrial park with parts suppliers. suzuki began assembling vehicles for europe and other markets at its plant in shizuoka prefecture, central japan, in 2008. since the company wanted to bring its part suppliers closer to its production center, it planned to
governing democratic party is now in china in a bid to repair the frayed ties between japan and china. relations soured after japanese authorities detained the captain of a chinese fishing boat that had collided with japan coast guard patrol ships earlier this month. the incident occurred near japan's senkaku islands, which are also claimed by chinese, or china-k and taiwan. japanese prosecutors released the captain last saturday. goshi hosono arrived in beijing on wednesday. party sources say he's believed to be talking with chinese officials and will return to japan thursday night. prime minister naoto kan told reporters that he knows nothing about hosono's visit. >>> meanwhile, there are concerns that the strained relations may have a negative effect on tourism. but the head of japan's tourism agency says only a few chinese have cancelled trips to japan for the holidays later this week. hiroshi mizahata said chinese authorities order travel agencies in beijing, shanghai and elsewhere last week to stop promoting tours to japan. he added it has yet to be revoked. mizahata said many c
of the attacks was a minority group originating in india. >>> the leaders of jant japan ad the european union should begin negotiations to conclude an economic partnership agreement. japan's prime minister naoto kan met his spanish counterpart in tokyo on wednesday. he said the agreement would be indispensable for the economic development of japan and the eu nations. kan agreed and stressed the importce of an ely srt to talks. >> a team of experts from the u.s. space agency nasa has advised chilean officials to be honest with the 33 miners trapped deep in a mine about how long it is likely to take to get them out the ur-member team met chile's health minister and other officials in the country's capital santiago on tuesday. speaking to reporters after the meeting, the nasa experts expressed concern over the miners' weight loss. they say the priorities include increasing the miners' calorie intake, getting them on a regular sleep schedule, and at the request of the chilean government nasa dispersed a team to share knowledge gleaned from prolonged stays in confined areas by astronauts on space
planned between japan and china have been suspended over the recent collision between a chinese fishing boat and japan coast guard patrol vessels. a chinese trawler captain was arrested after the incident near the senkaku islands off okinawa in japanese territorial waters. the islands are also claimed by china and taiwan. a japanese court decided on sunday to extend the captain's detention by ten days. following this move,preparatory international conference in shenyang liaoning province has also been suspended. think tanks from japan and south korea had planned to discuss free trade agreements next monday. sources say the chinese organizer requested the postponement last week, citing the collision incident as the reason. >>> a forum to discuss economic policies on the environment scheduled for next sunday in beijing has also been delayed. representatives from governments and companies of the two countries had planned to take part. sources say the chinese government made the decision to postpone the meeting. on tuesday china's foreign ministry spokesperson, jiang yu, said japan bears re
in the race for the democratic president of the party of japan. the winner will almost be confirmed by the diet as prime minister. in the election to take place on tuesday, votes will be tallied according to a point system with dpj diet members accounting for 822 points out of a total of 1,222. party members belonging to local government bodies have votes worth 100 points and rank and file party members are allocated 300 points. an nhk survey showed diet members are almost equally divided between kan and ozawa with each having about 180 lawmakers in his camp. the remaining lawmakers, about 50 in number, are undecided. more than half of the nearly 2,400 local government party members say they will support kan, while about 700 back ozawa. the remaining 500 are undecided. kan and ozawa will try to win over undecided lawmakers in a policy debate on friday and through other efforts in the time being. >>> a u.s. pastor called off plans to burn copies of the koran on the anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. >> the imam agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our
and was aimed at deepening the japan-u.s. alliance. kan was expected to explain his plan to steadily move forward with the relocation of the u.s. futenma air station in okinawa based on the bilateral agreement reached in may. he is also likely to have asked obama to help reduce the burden on the people of okinawa. the two leaders are also expected to have agreed to advance bilateral cooperation in wide-ranging areas, including the economy, security and development assistance. this year marks the 50th anniversary of the revision of the japan-u.s. security treaty. the two leaders are also likely to have exchanged views on the global economic situation. kan is believed to have explained to obama about the recent intervention by the japanese government in foreign exchange markets to stem the yen's rise. kan takes the view that rapid fluctuations of foreign currency rates are not favorable and would have a negative impact on the japanese economy. now, attention is focused on what opinions kan and obama have expressed on the incident involving a chinese fishing boat and the japan coast guard ne
maehara said on tuesday that he instructed japan's missions abroad to explain the incident to their host nations and china's reaction. prime minister naoto kan said he plans to do the same when he attends the asia-europe meeting in brussels next week. >> japan last week released the captain of the chinese fishing boat that collided with japanese patrol vessels near japan's senkaku islands. china also claims the islands. however, relations have since shown little sign of improvement. chief cabinet secretary yoshito sengoku said on tuesday that the ball is now in china's court. but a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said japan should first take concrete actions to mend ties. >>> the latest quarterly survey of business sentiment in japan has been released. ines matsuyama from our business desk has the details. ines? >> thank you very much, catherine. >>> the bank of japan says business sentiment among major manufacturers has improved for six straight quarters. but the strong yen is weighing down on their outlook for the future. the central bank released its quarterly tankan survey of s
suspended nuclear power reactor in western japan can resume operations as safety measures are now in place. two reactors at the nuclear power plant in matsue, shimane prefecture operated by chugoku electric power company have been suspended since march after they were found to have missed 511 mandatory safety checks. on monday, the ministry gave approval for resumption of operation. the power company completed inspections of the plant's number two reactor and the ministry's nuclear and industrial safety agency has also checked the reactor and quirled that steps have been taken to prevent a recurrence of the problem. the company now plans to seek the understanding of local residents about restarting the number two reactor and accelerating inspections of the other one. >>> marine product wholesalers in japan are calling for a stronger international agreement the curb the overfishing of tuna in the pacific ocean. they say the fish's population is declining dramatically. representatives of the wholesalers union visited the fisheries minister masahiko yamada on monday. they handed him a petitio
are demanding the extension of tax credits for the wealthy as a condition for accepting his proposals. >>> japan will ease regulations in growth industries to help boost the economy. the move is part of extra stimulus measures. the government's new deregulation plan will target 100 areas, including environmental businesses, health care, and tourism. for example, they will allow companies to operate battery charging stations without regulatory clearance to promote electric vehicles. they're also reducing the number of nurses required to run a home visit nursing care company to encourage new health care businesses. to push tourism, the state will relax rules on hotel accommodations and allow the use of traditional homes as inns. the government will provide the plan's details in the coming months and implement them later this year. >>> european monetary authorities are defending the reliability of their stress tests on eu banks. it comes after a leading u.s. newspaper questioned their credibility. the stress tests are meant to gauge the health of european banks. they were introduced to restore conf
'm catherine kobayashi. the ruling democratic party of japan has announced the start of official campaigning for its presidential election on september 14th. the former secretary-general, ichiro ozawa, and prime minister naoto kan, the current dpj president, are running as candidates. nhk world reporter minako misawa is at the party's headquarters. minako? >> reporter: yes. deputies filed candidacy applications for ozawa and kan on wednesday morning. each candidate had endorsements from more than 20 fellow lawmakers. ozawa and kan will hold a joint news conference later in the day. the democratic party's victory last year ended more than 50 years of virtually unbroken rule by the liberal democratic party. but the dpj suffered a major setback in the upper house election in july. the upcoming leadership vote will be the first poll since that election. both candidates are party leaders who have long worked to put the dpj into power. in this presidential election votes will be counted according to a points system. each party lawmaker has two points for a total of 824 points. rank-and-file member
government has given tacit approval to taiwan's protests against japan over the senkaku islands in the east china sea. on monday a fishing boat carrying two taiwanese activists headed toward the islands to protest japan's handling of an incident in which a chinese trawler rammed into japanese patrol boats in the area. japan arrested the trawler's captain on wednesday last week. it also detained the vessel and its 14 remaining crew members for questioning and inspection. the activists' boat returned to taiwan on tuesday, after japanese patrol boats warned it not to enter japanese waters. on wednesday a spokesperson for china's taiwan affairs office expressed understanding of the activists' protest. >> more and more chinese have been expressing support on the internet for the actions of the taiwanese boat. observers say china is likely to exploit growing anger in taiwan to intensify pressure on japan. meanwhile, japanese nationals living in china are being warned of growing local protests over japan's handling of the incident. messages online are calling for large-scale anti-japan demonstrati
in pyongyang with japan's then prime minister june ciro koizumi. at the meeting the north acknowledged the abductions for the first time. five abductees returned to japan in 2002, but 12 others remain unaccounted for. relatives of those abducted and their supporters have held anniversary rallies every year since then to appeal for the return of their loved ones. but no events are scheduled on this year's anniversary. shigeru and sakie yokota say they're not in good health and will stay home today. their daughter, megumi, was abducted in 1977, when she was only 13. >>> this coming saturday, afghanistan will hold its second parliamentary elections since the fall of the taliban in the u.s.-led war that began in october 2001. however, concerns are growing whether the balloting can be done safely as the taliban has stepped up sabotage activities in many parts of the country. >> people will be able to exercise their right to vote freely and without interruption. >> the afghan government and the international community regard the poll as an important step toward speeding up the country's reco
follows japan prime minister kan's reelection as head of the dpj on tuesday. he defeated ichiro 0 za with a. sources say that investors are also selling the dollar against other currencies on speculation the u.s. may take other easing measures. currently the dollar is changing hands at 84.09-10. earlier on the tokyo foreign exchange, the dollar hit the 82-yen level for the first time about 15 years and we had this story earlier. as the dollar weakens, gold prices in new york hit a new record high this comes as investors seek the safety of a precious metal. overnight on the new york america tile exchange. futures climbed renewing a record set in june. gold is denominated in dollars and becomes much more attractive when the greenback depreciates against other currencies. market players say overseas investors are taking advantage of the dollar's weakness to buy gold as a safer asset. weaker yen lifted tokyo stock prices on wednesday morning and the nikkei jumped up ending the morning session at 9,470 up 171 ticks or 1.8%. >>> an here's a look at the latest long-term interest rates. this
in business news. ines? >> thanks, catherine. hello. >>> in japan's manufacturing sector capital spending fell over 10% from april through june compared with a year ago. the finance ministry surveyed more than 23,000 firms with capital of at least $120,000. the survey shows that investment on plant and equipment cross all industries except for finance and insurance fell by 1.7%. looking in detail, the manufacturing sector plunged 10.5%, while non-manufacturers saw a rise of 3.4%. looking at earnings, the survey shows that sales and profit in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors rose. the drop in capital spending for makers stands as a cautious stance at business prospects. >>> tokyo stocks extended their gains friday morning following a rise in new york. the nikkei ended the morning session at 9,097 points, up 0.4%, or 35 ticks almost. investors took their cue from a slightly weaker yen against the dollar and euro. the up side was capped as many players sidelined ahead of key u.s. jobs data to be released later in the day. and on the tokyo foreign exchange the dollar is moving with
envoy on north korean issues to south korea, japan, and china next week. stephen bosworth will visit seoul, tokyo and beijing in that order between sunday and thursday. u.s. assistant secretary of state philip crowley announced the trip on tuesday. the visit comes in advance of the likely meeting of deputies of the ruling workers party to pave the way for the eventual transfer of power in north korea. the u.s. is also expected to take up the issue of a resumption of the six-party talks with the three countries as china, which acts as the chair, has been pushing the five other members to restart the talks. crowley suggested, however, that bosworth's trip will not necessarily result in the immediate resumption of the talks. >> we will continue our consultations with the key parties in this process but i would suggest, as we have in the past, that it's north korea that needs to do what it can to create a better environment for our progress. >>> the japan coast guard is questioning the captain of a chinese fishing boat who is suspected of atempting to obstruct an inspection in japanese e
cabinet will tackle three main issues including promoting the economy and improving japan's role in the global community. he spoke friday at the cabinet's first meeting. >> translator: we will aim to become a cabinet that will do what it has said and will address concrete matters. first of all, we must tackle economic issues. they include economic growth, employment and budget. our efforts to address economic matters must be relentless. we will speak out on japan's role in the international community. japan will show where it stands with its actions. we will change the current centralization of government and give more power to local governments. the new cabinet must tackle these three issues. >>> local politics in japan is becoming a boisterous affair. in the past few years municipal leaders have swept to power promising reform. that's triggered high-profile confrontations between local assemblies and elected leaders. >> reporter: a group of residents demanded a referendum to recall this politician. if more than 100 sign the petition, a referendum will be held. the farming in th
the community to began following their hearing on most of a year ago of better planning for japan town. starting 12 weeks ago, i was familiar with japan town. all the work that had been done by department, there are efforts to get that plan before you. we a lot about the social and environment -- social and physical environment. six weeks ago we were at a meeting here that was attended by two commissioners and it supervisor mirkarimi. we have been looking at the committee structure. we have been working with him to his effort to provide some additional funding. one of these warrants a significant attention from us and respect for the community in the effort that they have made. they have embarked on a very ambitious schedule. they were not aware of any finding work continued planning support and the review of the better neighborhood plan. basically i was assigned to work with the community on that. we are looking to deal with the community in meaningful ways. it is very exciting to me to report with the progress that we have made in the past few weeks. the first is the most important and the pla
, september 21st, 11:00 a.m. in tokyo. >>> u.s. vice president joe biden said japan is central to u.s. efforts to improve relations with china. his comment came amid growing tension between china and japan amid the arrest of a chinese trawler captain. >> i would argue strongly there is an emerging relationship that has to be -- we have to get right between the united states and china. but quite frankly, i don't know how that relationship can be made right other than going through tokyo. >> biden also said japanese cooperation was vital in dealing with north korea. >> there is no possibility of us getting a policy correct and being successful in the korean peninsula without japan. >> the riff between china and japan is growing over the arrest of a chinese fishing captain we mentioned just now. for allegedly colliding with japan coast guard ships. the incident has caused a backlash against japan in china. >>> china postponed its invitation to a japanese youth delegation that was to start a four-day tour of shanghai on tuesday. o 1,000 japanese youngsters were scheduled to vice president. and tic
>> tom: boosting the dollar and cooling off the red-hot yen, that's the goal of japan's intervention today in the currency markets. but will the move help boost japan's economy, and what does it mean for big international companies and their shareholders? you're watching "nightly business report" for wednesday, september 15. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> tom: good evening, everyone. susie gharib is off tonight. i'm joined by suzanne pratt. japan moved today to weaken its currency as the dollar hit a 15- year low against the yen. suzanne, it's an effort to help the lagging japanese economy. >> suzanne: tom, this is japan's first intervention in the currency market in six years. it comes just ahead of a meeting between president obama and japan's prime minister in new york city next week. so exactly what did japan do? the country's treasury sold its own currency, the
east of the korean peninsula in the sea of japan. >>> the leadership race for japan's democratic party is fully under way. the two contenders trying to drum up support for their policy proposals. prime minister naoto kan seeking re-election as party president is being challenged by the party's former secretary-general ichiro ozawa. on friday, the third day of official campaigning, ozawa dropped by the offices of each of the party's upper house members. those he visited included naoki tanaka, son-in-law of the late former prime minister kakuei tanaka whose faction ozawa belonged to while he was in the liberal democratic party. meanwhile, carrying out prime ministerial duties, kan met nobuaki koga, head of rengo, the labor federation. kan's campaign decided that lawmakers in his group will return to their constituencies over the weekend to solicit support from the party's local assembly members as well as other registered party members and supporters. the race is heating up following kan and ozawa's public debate on the japan press club on thursday. the election will be held on september
is one of japan's leading manufacturers. the company uses three-dimensional computer-aided design or 3-d c.a.d. when creating new products. five years ago, the firm began using this technology for its parts catalogs. it issues a new catalog every time it introduces a new product or makes a change in an existing item. because of this, nearly 200 new catalogs are printed each year. in the past, illustrateors drew each part by hand, based on blueprints. one catalog costs an average of about $12,000 to make. thick catalogs such as a 700-page one costs about $95,000. to cut costs and increase efficiency, the company started using 3-d c.a.d. now illustrate or illustrators rathe product. time and cost by >> translator: instrucon nuals,an ansalexahi applications. is haleirm created taed manuals how tou theirasily viewiaamth nd earphones.t agm. prle imesweo o 3 >> atfome.while it wantt gd weather. so theerform a traditional ceremony. it's a time-honore ed ritual,k . tradition says laughter blows the clouds away. the ritual must have worked. after eight days of waiting, they can go out and gather
of potential on rest of the price of grain and shoots up. -- if the price of grain shoots up. japan has released the captain a chinese fishing boat who was detained in a fishing waters. >> japanese prosecutors have been questioning the fishing boat captain for two weeks. in the end, they decided to let him go in the national interest. >> after taking into consideration the effect that it would have upon our country and people as well as how it would affect japan-china relations, we decided it was not appropriate to continue holding the suspect. >> early this month, the chinese fishermen was brought to japan in handcuffs and his face was hidden from view. is the tension caused the deepest rift between the two biggest economies. the japanese coast guard ships have been left dented by a collision with the boat. the suspicion was that he did this deliberately. it happened as they patrolled disputed waters near the island's patroled by japan trained by china. on the arrest triggered protests against japan and china. beijing allowed a demonstration in many cities. the japanese ambassador was
. >> it hit a fresh 15-year high against the dollar yesterday. today it is down 2%. the bank of japan has stepped in to stop the rise of the yen for the first time in six years be the central bank intervened, effectively selling the yen and buying up dollars in order to lower the value of the yen. that seemed to be working. shortly afterwards, there was a change in the value of the end. now a dollar will buy you considerably more yen than it did before. chris, it is good to see you. welcome to the program. after much talk, this has finally happened. do you think this is the right move for the right reasons? >> a case can certainly be made for the intervention. we've seen a very sharp appreciation of the yen over the past few years. that has continued this year. the yen is up another 10% against the dollar and another 20% against the euro. at the start of the year, japan's economy was growing pretty well. in recent months, there's been clear signs. right now, japan is a clear candidate for a double dip. by taking some pressure off the yen exchange rate, that will get some relief for japan'
on the board in san francisco japan town. we are concerned because the deior does not address or recognize japantown as a cultural resource, and they are only three blocks away. it serves as a cultural resource for many japanese- americans who live throughout the bay area. public transit is not a good option for many of them. they could come and visit and support merchants, and they would be threatened. this in effect will have almost the same kind of impact as the plan to build 400 condos on the center. that would demolish the garage for to the wheel up to five years. this would be somewhat similar unless cpmc has adequate and satisfactory medications under the parking issues. one of the medications was to reserve 400 spaces in the japan center. well, they already have 400 spaces in japan center. that is for staff personally. so i do not quite understand how they could have another 400 unless they have plans to redirect their workers there, the staff to another site. that has not been explained and needs to be. the deir does not address cumulative impact on several other projects. namely,
, resolution approving and authorizing the execution of modification no. 1 to lease no. l01-0297 with japan airlines company limited to reduce the demised premises and the annual rent at building 944 on plot 50b-1 at san francisco international airport. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. i am beginning to think you should have an office here at city hall. we could get some of that airport money. >> we will see what we can work out. [laughter] the airport is here today to secure approval of a lease modification on our existing lease with japan airlines to reduce square footage and decrease the annual rent amount. airport currently have been in place since october of 2001, it will terminate in october of 2011. the reason this modification is before you today, the proposed modifications reduces the amount of weast cargo and office space, releasing airport employee parking spaces. they currently pay s a brand of approximately 1.9. the modification before you today would bring it to $1.6 million. this proposed modification allows japan airlines to address its current financial challenge whi
minutes. >> i have great pleasure in welcoming the prime minister of japan, his excellency of japan. i invite him to address the general assembly. [applause] >> distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen, i extend my heartfelt congratulations to the assumption of the presidency of the general assembly. i also express my appreciation to his excellency for his efforts in the previous session. i would like to express my respect for his leadership. 65 years ago in the aftermath of the second world war, japan faced the same challenges that confront developing countries. japan received a lot of support from the international community in its struggle to overcome them. it is for this reason that japan harbors strong sentiments regarding the achievement of the millennium development goals, the main theme of the general assembly this year. at this time, the international community is facing a series of challenges that include poverty, hunger, infectious diseases, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, regional conflicts, and global environmental issues. it is an honor for me to have t
. >> time now for business news. president obama in new york today. chinese prim ear and japan's prime minister are facing american criticism. china went about defending his country's currency policy saying 20-40% would lead to bankruptcy information. japan's prime minister will a dregs the assembly this week. away from this building, he will also meet with president obama to talk about the world's trouble spot, the global economic recovery and the japanese yen. last week, the bank of japan met with markets to guarantee the jen yen. that move was met with dismay in the u.s. this currency manipulation is seen as breaking international agreements. the leader has voued he will overcome the last 20 years of deflags in japan. he will not meet with one of the key actors. that is the crime he's prim ear who will also be sitting down with president obama on thursday. >> reporting for bbcs in new york. >> block buster has filed for bankruptcy protection. all orders are on line rather than going to the shop. the firm is more than $900 million in debt. demand has fallen off dramatically. looking
allies, australia, japan, new zealand and south korea, with regard to the length of the congressional review period for u.s. arm sales. the security relationship between the u.s. and israel is vital and strong and israel deserves the same treatment as these other nations. and finally this bill authorizes the transfer by granting sale of excess naval vessels to india, greece, chile, morocco and taiwan to better assist them with their needs and strengthen our relationship with these nations. mr. speaker, i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from california. mr. bilbray: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield such time as i may consume. mr. speaker, i'd like -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized, about bilbray. mr. bilbray: thank you -- mr. bilbray. mr. bilbray: thank you. mr. speaker, i appreciate the chairman's action on this item. i want to point out that the british -- we might have had a couple of run-ins with the british every once in a while the last few centuries but the only country, t
.s. involvement in september 11 are and what absolutely unacceptable." japan releases a fishing boat captain as a result of on major routes with china. and it india is assessing whether it is fit you hold the commonwealth games. welcome to "bbc world news and america. coming up later for you -- where are their sons? mothers are demanding answers. end to the auction ram. an investment bank goes under the hammer. in an exclusive interview with bbc television, president obama has described comments made by president ahmadinejad as inexcusable. earlier, speaking at the united nations, the iranian leader speculated the american government may have been involved in september 11, 2001. mr. obama also emphasized that he thinks that president and manager of's views are out of sync with the iranian people. >> it was offensive. it was hateful. and particularly for him to make this statement here in manhattan, just a little north of ground zero, where families lost their loved ones, people of all faiths, all ethnicities, who see this as the seminal tragedy of this generation, for him to make a statement
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